Cowboys & Aliens Scott Mitchell Rosenberg


Published: 2011


100 pages


Cowboys & Aliens  by  Scott Mitchell Rosenberg

Cowboys & Aliens by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg
2011 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 100 pages | ISBN: | 3.68 Mb

I dont say this often, but besides its premise (title), this book literally has nothing to offer. It has mediocre art and completely nonsensical plotting as if it were written by a five-year-old. I can overlook the usual sci-fi silliness like translators and such, but things just get so stupid that you cant overlook them:1.

The first alien device the protagonist comes across looks exactly like a gun, and he immediately figures out how to use it. Amazing!2. The 1870s blacksmith takes one look at the aliens flying carts and immediately figures out how they work--and how to make his own version! Amazing!3. When they invariably go to an abandoned mine, its full of lava. You know, from all of those active volcanoes in the middle of the U.S.4. The aliens need to attack the town to put their radar dish at a high point, despite the fact that it repeatedly shows that the town is surrounded by hills and buttes.

This is where it crosses the border into madness, since this sort of drives the whole plot.I disliked this book so much that Im tempted to dig through and find all of the other ridiculous things, but I think thats enough. But in terms of the characters, there are also serious problems:5. The book wants to make an analogy between the aliens attack and the Europeans move westward, but it does it so un-subtly that its grating.6. Every character is completely stereotypical. This isnt so bad for the cowboys, but it bothered me when it came to the Native Americans.

It seemed borderline offensive.All of this leads me to wonder how this abomination came to be, but the answer is found in the creators biographies, in the back of the book. The writers and artists each get the usual three-sentence treatment, but the creator, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, has most of a page about him, and its the most pompous, wind-bagged thing Ive ever read, going on about how his comics company has the business model of the future, where properties are developed simultaneously for multiple distribution models, maximizing profitability, visibility, and availability...

I kid you not. After reading this, not only am I completely turned off by Rosenberg and Platinum Studios, but it suddenly becomes clear how this graphic novel came into being--its one of those soulless, Hollywood constructs. I imagine SMR is the creator because he said one day, People like aliens....and cowboys...and movies made from comics. Quick! Someone make a comic about aliens and cowboys so I can turn it into a movie. Geez.......

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