Fag Magic RDT Byrd

ISBN: 9780977984206

Published: January 28th 2007


175 pages


Fag Magic  by  RDT Byrd

Fag Magic by RDT Byrd
January 28th 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 175 pages | ISBN: 9780977984206 | 7.43 Mb

I call my collection Fag Magic because this cannibal image of the inherent powerlessness of a bigoted slur played off the limitless power of the supernatural, is what has happened to gay mens identity. Were supposed to be both masculine, due to our gender, and feminine, due to our attractions, yet any real discussion of who we are remains sexless so as not to offend. Were expected to be all-knowing dispensaries of pop culture and fashion, but on matters of substance were told its best to keep silent and wait. As a community, we have so much potential and we waste it on hollow pursuits and empty bitchery.

These stories have at their core my experiences as a man attempting to understand what gay means. Theyre my truths. Theyre also my frustrations. RDT ByrdCelsius Press is proud to announce the release of Fag Magic by RDT Byrd. The story collection, which includes several works previously published in journals such as The Antioch Review, Blue Mesa Review, and Folio, is an examination of both the power and powerlessness of being gay.A boy who can walk through walls.Lovers who can see the future, but not avoid it.A soldier who splits himself down the middle.Men who look for revenge.Men who grapple with monsters.Men who have come back from the dead.These are the stories of Fag Magic.

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