Angel Yearbook Peter David

ISBN: 9781600109614

Published: 2011

46 pages


Angel Yearbook  by  Peter David

Angel Yearbook by Peter David
2011 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 46 pages | ISBN: 9781600109614 | 5.58 Mb

Angel: Yearbook is a collection of the final comics published by IDW and its a celebration of the five years run of the series....Dust to Dust - Gunn reflects on growing up with his sisters Aloona and what inspired him to hunt vampires. Since I cant remember much about Gunn before he met Angel was it interesting to read this story.

3.5OMG Unicorns - Harmony tries to stay cheerful by updating her blog after losing her job at Wolfram & Hart. Harmony tries really hard to not fall back on drinking blood from humans in this short story. Harmony is such a fun characters, she isnt bright, but she is funny. 3All the Time in the World - Wes and Fred tried to enjoy a normal first date, but it doesnt go that well.This was one of the best stories in this collection.

Fred and Wes just cant find some alone time. 4My only Friend - Angel contemplates his relationship with L.A.I had to check up My only Friend, because I had completely forgotten what the story was about. But then again it was only two pages long. 2Fight for the Remote - Spike and Angel fight for what to watch on the telly. OK story, short, but it shows how well Angel and Spike goes along, like dogs and cats. 3This one Time -Angel and the gang tries to help Mikaela who has a slight reality-warping ability. Its hard to help someone who has the ability to change reality, but cant control it. 4Review also posted on And Now for Something Completely Different and Its a Mad Mad World

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